300th Junior Motor Officer Celebrated

On Saturday July 9th 2012, the 300th Junior Motor Officer received his badge and ID card at the museum. Since we opened our doors in 2011, we are very proud of the 300 young boys and girls who have joined the Junior Motor Officer Corps and decided on their own to take the Junior Motor Officer pledge.

Our 300th Junior Motor Officer is a very pleasant young man named Timmy who came to the museum on a BMW with his dad Charlie. Timmy received his badge and ID card from Kristen Gaffey, the educational coordinator at the museum. domain owner search We wish father and son the best this summer and in years to come.

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2 Responses to 300th Junior Motor Officer Celebrated

  1. Joseph F. Moretti, Jr. says:

    Hello, About five of us Kentucky Bikers will be going to Rolling Thunder for the 20th year and have decided to visit New England after it. We would like to see you Police Motorcycle Museum and have read about it on the internet. What are your hours of operation and days you are open? Please let me know by email or phone: (859) 912-1117. Thank you, Jay Moretti

  2. Charles Brown says:

    Could you please post a note about when you will be opening at the top of your home page? I see the note that you are closed for last year, but nothing about when you will open for this season.

    Thank you,

    Charlie (father of Timmy, your 300th junior officer)

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