Junior Motor Officer Program

Long before we pinned our first badge on a young visitor at the museum, the very special girl pictured here was a dear friend of the California Highway Patrol. Her movies were a guide and inspiration to many as she always did the right thing.

Our Junior Motor Officer program continues to give us much joy and pride as almost two thousand young boys and girls have taken the pledge.

This year, new to the exhibit are two mini motorcycles that each Junior Officer will be allowed to have their pictures taken on. One of the bikes is something I really really wanted as a child but never had and the other was a bike that is exactly like the one my father bought for me. A gentleman from Fairport New York heard the story and donated the mini motorcycle to the museum. He realized how special it was when I met him and what makes it even more special; his dad bought it for him.

We strive to spend time with every child who comes to visit and hope that when they leave, they feel that their visit had meaning along with a sense of pride. Please take the time as you walk through the museum to share our American history with your children.

God Bless America

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