Families in Crisis


I write to you today because I am deeply concerned about you and your family. As a young policeman in the 70’s and 80’s, I had the most unfortunate experience to watch many die in front of me from the use of heroin and other addictive substances. We did not have the tools available today that quite honestly only delay the inevitable unless you decide to stop. Radioing for a rush on the ambulance as a human being lays on the ground with a needle in their arm convulsing in tremendous pain is something that one never forgets.

More often than not, there were children close by watching in horror and disbelief. It was their father or mother who lay there with their lives about to change forever. I can still see those children as I remember walking my beat; them knowing me and me seeing in their eyes that their lives had been forever darkened by what we had experienced together. Years later, I encountered many of those children becoming involved in the same course of action that ended the lives of their fathers and mothers; feeling again just as helpless as words never seemed to change the tide.

We want to use our museum this year to help you, your family and most importantly; your beautiful children. We want to be a small part of your recovery where you have decided to take a different path in life. One where you look into the eyes of your children and your family and see the love and understanding of those around you. One where you ask for help and guidance through this most difficult time.

Before we open for the season, we will have established a working relationship with caregivers and those directly involved with your recovery. The list of those and their contact information will be added to our website and they will arrange your visit. The museum will only be open to your family and there will be no media coverage. We want this to be a family affair with your entire family; grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles and your beautiful children. Your children will be made Junior Motor Officers where they will take the pledge to read every night, obey their parents, pledge not to bully others and promise to say no to others who attempt to engage them in negative behavior. You will be our guests and I will taking you all through the museum for a personal tour which will begin and end with a prayer that focuses on you, your recovery and your family. Our hope is that this is just another day where you wake up and say, I am not going to use today.


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