New Hampshire Chronicle Video Profile of Museum

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2 Responses to New Hampshire Chronicle Video Profile of Museum

  1. Brian Cashman says:

    I just discovered the website and museum. I was a police officer and then a federal S/A. I will be up to see your museum as soon as you open in May. Have a great holiday season. What you are doing is important work; it is great that you have a passion for it. But to preserve the history as you are is so important and thanks for doing that. I am looking forward to seeing the collection in May.

    Brian Cashman (retired)
    former Newburyport, MA police officer
    former special agent with NIS, now NCIS
    retired special agent with US Defense Security Service.

  2. Rick says:

    Dear sits, one of my fitst contact with police and Harley was am artikel in Germany Aboutaleb bears. Of New Hampshire. I coun’t fond the place ar that time. And now I ride a flh police HD with sidecar there ar more police wheels in the Netherlands nu not a Flh with sidecar. I am indienden to make a book of police HD in Holland. They where left after WWII liberators WLA and WLC they some times painted dark blue they also served in Indonesia and Surinam and the Antilles. We even have rebuild to a snow ice track shovel motorcycle. I think there are about 4 in use in winter. The motorcycles came from the police in a province of Holland Friesland. A a hire shoe iron man rebuild the wheel with a rotating Bristol and shovel. Regards, Rick de Rooy Amsterdam

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