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  1. Scott Parker says:

    I have a 1966 San Francisco P.D. electra glide that was given by the department to Sgt. Carl Perscheid when he retired in 1971 a t 70 years of age. At the time he was the oldest motorcycle cop in the country and served for 47 years. I also have his saddlebag and the ticket book inside. I was wondering if you have any information on him ? Maybe I’ll try to send photos on facebook…a google search does have quite a few articles and a few photos of him. Thanks, Scott

    • sandra scherer says:

      that is my uncle carl – he was an SF police officer for his entire career and outlived 13 harley davidson’s
      my parents my dad/Carl’s newphew is still alive and is 91
      i bet he would love to see that ticket book

  2. Ken says:

    Scott – I was very interested to read your comment about Carl. As with Sandra, He was my uncle. I’d like to share info with you about Him and his motorcycle. Please contact me at: