Tribute to NH State Police

The New Hampshire State Police has a rich and proud history of excellence in service to the citizens of this state. They patrolled the state without radios for communication and relied on primitive methods. A light turned on at city hall or other location to notify the trooper of a need or scheduled stops within his patrol to pick up communications with headquarters were just a few of the methods. They rode their motorcycles till mid-December when they parked them in Concord and used their personal vehicles until spring. For the most part, critical calls were handled without back-up and we have heard many heroic stories of times past where skills were developed as the situation unfolded. Many thanks to Colonel Harold Knowlton when we first came to New Hampshire.

What I love about these old pictures are the personalities most evident and the obvious pride.

The dedicated troopers that ride today continue to carry on the history of that first group of motor officers. This year at the museum, we are proud to chronicle the New Hampshire State Police motor history through time with a motorcycle we built from pictures of their first motorcycle, their return to motors in the 70’s on Kawasaki’s and the motors of today.

As much as we think times have changed, the basics still apply. Be on time and make sure your shoes are shined.


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