Who We Are

Dear Museum Guest,
We want to introduce you to our museum which represents over forty years of collecting motorcycles, parts and literature. This is the only museum in the country which chronicles the history of the motorcycle policeman.

We are a privately run museum without government funding or assistance. Our only source of revenue is the admission charge and the gift shop where the proceeds are used for new exhibits.

We showcase this rich history through a timeline of motorcycles, uniforms, literature and equipment. From the early years where motorcycles were simply bicycles with engines to the modern complex machines that we see today.

This year our lobby is dedicated to the New Hampshire State Police as they celebrate 75 years of history. On display are a 1936 VL that we built using pictures of a 1937 NHSP motorcycle and a 1977 Kawasaki ridden by Trooper Pickel. There are many original pieces of original equipment and pictures of the first group of troopers.

Everything displayed in the museum runs with the exception of three bikes. We plan to build a motorcycle a year in our shop on the lower level. This year we are building a 1929 Boston Police Bike that will be on display in Fenway Park in September.

The upper level has Indian, Harley and Excelsior motorcycles from 1912 to 1969, a replica 1930’s motor patrol outpost and replica radio room as well as displays from Massachusetts and Connecticut State Police. There is also a funny chase scene from a 1931 WC Fields movie along with a vast pictorial history of the era.

The first floor has motorcycles from 1966 to 2005, a movie theater with movies from 1918 to the present and another screen with over a thousand still pictures from 1903 to the present. We also have motorcycle uniforms through time, a literature timeline and a gift shop.

The lower level has a 1948 Indian that we built as a Laconia Police bike with Laconia Police uniforms from the 40s for guests to wear for a souvenir picture. A WW11 jeep and military motorcycle are displayed in tribute to those that serve. There are also sidecars, three wheelers and servi-cars with a display of a triumph, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Honda and Kawasaki police motorcycles. Our pride and joy is the children’s area where those that take a pledge not to bully, read every night and obey their parents get a badge and ID card. We also have uniforms for them and a junior Harley for a souvenir picture.

On display are replicas of the first motorcycles ever made; the 1867 Roper and the 1885 Daimler.
In putting this museum together we wanted to create a positive family experience where all that enter gain more knowledge of the early years of motorcycling and an appreciation for all those that ride. We promote safety through our displays and I feel that the training movie is a must for all riders.

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