The museum is now closed for relocation.

The museum will be conducting a moving sale every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm until further notice.

Doug has never passed a tag sale in his life.  Ultimate tag sale with something for everyone.  Antiques,collectables, tools, records even a full-size horse.

It is with sadness that we announce the closing of our motorcycle museum in Meredith, New Hampshire on 7-18-16.  This has been a life long dream of mine to honor police officers that rode the primitive motors of old and to bring their history to the general public. Our greatest satisfaction has come from the public who leave our museum with a greater understanding and renewed pride towards those that protect and serve.

We hope to have a new location in place for the start of the 2017 New England motorcycle season. Please always remember to be respectful and understanding of our police officers today as they are facing situations that we have not seen since the late sixties and seventies.

We have over one hundred motorcycles on three floors and have expanded our collection to include hill climbers, race machines, choppers and beautiful original paint bikes from past decades. We are a private museum and are extremely proud of the fact that we are solely funded by those who support us through our admission fee which has not changed since we opened six years ago.  Our gift shop proceeds are used to fund new exhibits each year.

Our pride and joy continues to be the Junior Motor Officer program where children take the pledge to read every night, obey their parents and promise not to bully others, To date over 1000 children have taken the pledge and received their badge and ID card. One parent came back to tell us that his son refused to go to bed each night until he read out loud.

frontIn the early years of motorcycling, it was the police and racers who heralded the thrill and mystique of riding these two wheeled machines. Manufacturers used thrilling police chases and daredevil races heavily in their advertising and sales brochures. We are the only museum in this country and possibly in the world that features this rich and courageous history. We are only caretakers of these machines as we preserve them for generations to come.

We love to share your family motorcycle history with others, so please don’t be bashful. The best part of what we do is the people we have met and we greet all who enter. Please remember to watch for motorcycles on the road and always remember that skilled riders ride safely. Have a wonderful motorcycle season and while in Meredith take some extra time to explore everything this picturesque and inviting small town has to offer.


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