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Over the past several months, I have been contacted by many who have shown overwhelming support for us and what we have brought together at the museum. The museum has always been a collaboration of those that share the same passion; a love of motorcycles and a desire for the wonderful history of these two wheeled machines.

We focused on the brave men and women who rode the early motorcycles as that was for the most part, the primary form of transportation of patrol and emergency response. Up until the late fifties, more officers lost their lives on motors than by any other on duty tragedy. It was during that time that motor officers started to wear helmets which drastically reduced injury.  To date 1144 brave souls gave their lives on motors in this country. It is in their memory that the museum was first conceived as no other museum had ever explored and heralded their service.

In 1901 after the first American motorcycle was built, another motorcycle followed in short order.  People often ask when racing and competition start and the simple answer is; it’s when the first motorcycle rode up to the second motorcycle. The riders made eye contact and with a rev of the motor, they were off. In the early days, racers like the police motor officers had no safety equipment and many lost their lives on the board track and hill climb competitions.

The museum has evolved since we opened to include all those that ride these two wheeled marvels because we are truly one. We all love to show off our bikes and we all love to show off our skills.

This year is going to be much different at the museum than years past. Each year, we have been inspired by those that visit and those around us. The Laconia Motorcycle Rally is the oldest and longest running motorcycle rally in our country and we are proud to be a part of it. A special exhibit of racers and riders to the rally is coming together in time for the 94th celebration of Laconia Motorcycle week. Our way of thanking those that have helped us in these past seven years is to offer half price admission to all that ride a motorcycle to the museum during the rally.  Our rally raffle sculpture will be our best yet!

Please take the time to go through our website and see what the changes are this year. We have been deeply moved by families in crisis from addiction and hope to be a small part of their recovery. George Yarocki, the man that is truly responsible for the inspiration and guidance of this museum left us almost a year ago. The tribute motorcycle in his memory is coming together beautifully. New Hampshire State Police Motors through time, a 1927 Indian Police Special which will pay tribute to the Springfield Ma Police Department, a Boston and New York City competition, a tribute to the Blue Knights, a 1926 Laconia Police motorcycle will be finished for their 125th anniversary and other exhibits that will be new to all that enter.  New this year will be an indoor flea market in the basement.

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished with the museum, an entity which is solely funded by those that visit; there are no corporate sponsors or government funding.  We will be open limited hours with no outdoor events.

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